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The Company's name Medpocket
Phone First +963 11 9662
City Damascus
Title Italian _ behind the Finance
Specialization Medical devices
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Med Pocket
What is Med Pocket, the first drug application that is concerned with the pharmaceutical issue in the Syrian Arab Republic?
The application is divided into two branches:
* A pharmacist interface that provides the service of linking pharmacists with warehouses of medicines, medical supplies and materials
of various types B2C also enables licensed warehouses to display their products and the latest offers that
It provides it to the pharmacist, as it is an electronic distributor between the warehouse and the pharmacist, faster and less costly and effortless than the distributor
The traditional one who visits pharmacies to inform them of everything new about the warehouse and its subsidiary company
* The second interface is a personal medical portfolio for individuals through which they can be reminded of appointments
Medication in the periods and quantities that the patient enters by alerting and preparing a report in the form of a pdf file
It shows the quantities and times of doses during a certain period of time. It also provides an introductory guide to the types of drugs
Licensed and nearby pharmacies on the public application user and all information provided is from
The official websites of the Ministry of Health and the websites of the main companies, we have compiled them in a way that facilitates and serves the public
Address: Italian _ behind the Finance
Specialties: Medical devices
Tel: 0119662
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