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الدليل الصناعي السوري
Dr. Nidal Saado Al Zoubi
The Company's name Dr. Nidal Saado Al Zoubi
Phone First +963 11 8842205
Mobile First +963 944283609
Mobile Second +963 996422805
City Damascus
Title Mujtahid _ opposite the gate of Mujtahid Hospital _ next to Al-Ghamyan lab
Specialization Specialist in urology, reproductive surgery and infertility treatment
About company
Dr. Nidal Saadou Al-Zoubi
Address: Damascus _ Al-Mujtahid, opposite Al-Mujtahid Hospital, next to Al-Ghamyan Laboratory
Specialization: A specialist in urinary and reproductive surgery and treatment of infertility and sexual dysfunction in men
Laser lithotripsy from inside the body using endoscope - scraping of the prostate and bladder diseases
Varicose veins - hernia - urinary surgery in children - testicle migration
First phone: 0118842205
First mobile: 0944283609
Second mobile: 0996422805

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