A new way to detect corona

A new way to detect corona
The American company "Quest Diagnostics" has obtained urgent approval from the US Food and Drug Administration to use a new method to detect infection of the emerging corona virus, which allows the analysis of patient samples in groups rather than one sample behind another, which allows a significant increase in the speed of analysis of samples.
The US Food and Drug Administration stated that it reissued the Quest Diagnostics' Emergency Use Authorization to use its technology SARS-COFFED2-RT ART-PCR to use a set of samples containing up to 4 samples with a swab for each individual being observed .
Quest is the first multi-sample analysis method to detect emerging coronavirus, which is licensed for use.
It is mentioned that in multi-sample analysis, each person's sample is obtained in a special bottle, and laboratory technicians then collect these samples in small groups to analyze them collectively.
If the result of the analysis of the sample group is negative, then this means that not all samples are infected with the virus.
However, when a positive result appears, each of the group samples is re-analyzed individually to determine the positive and negative samples in them, according to Quest Diagnostics in a statement.
The company says this method is effective for assessing patients, areas, or population groups with low rates of infection.
The group analysis method is frequently used in blood banks to detect any viruses in the blood of donations.

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