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Syrian medical Notepad for 2012

 Agenda (Notepad) Medical for 2012

 Medical agenda for the year 2012 was Mieha free of charge on most events working in the medical sector in all

Syrian governorates



About some of the names involved in the medical agenda for 2012


Hospital surgical peace

Mahayni modern hospital

Syrian Center for Aesthetic Surgery and Laser

Infertility Center and tube baby

Pflogi _ the center of life for the treatment of incurable diseases

Company statement for medical equipment

Of Finomainal Pharma Pharmaceutical Industries

Dr. Adham Mansour _ Tgmlah surgery

Dr. Alaa Yassin _ Dentistry

Dr. Mohammed both _ tumors

Dr Abdul Majid the fanbase _ infertility and test-tube baby

Dr. Tohme fanbase _ a digest

Dr. Isale Hassan _ infertility and test-tube baby

Dr. Ibtisam al-Boushi _ diseases of the digestive system