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Syrian industrial agenda for 2012

 Syrian Industrial Agenda: Agenda industrial city of Adra in 2012 and issued under the auspices of the industrial city in the industrial zone of Adra

And is an annual notebook and distributed free of charge to all industrial activities in the industrial city of Adra in addition distributed to the most important industrial and engineering activities in all the Syrian governorates.


About some of the names involved in the agenda

Panasonic Company

Middle engineering consulting firm

Hanifa Exchange Company

Discourse Industrial Co.

Full Blast Pipe Industries

INTRACOM International Advisory

Trans Bethune wired Albetona

Limited liability company Aerlikid

Ayman acid

Consensual Clothing Company

Nobles for clothing company

Trust Insurance Company

International Islamic Bank

National Insurance Company

TECHNOLEAD Engineering

United Trading Company

Fahda Food Industries