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Women Health Clinic

Name Women Health Clinic
Boss Name Under the supervision of Dr
Phone 1 6610777 - 11
Boss Mobile 0936183403
Section PhD in obstetrics, gynecology, and endoscopic surgery and women
E-mail E-mail:rana_mouakeh1@hotmail.com
Fax 6629257 - 11
City Damascus
Adress Mazzeh Villas - East Talaat City Mall - the position of the mosque Fath

 Women Health Clinic

Under the supervision of Dr
PhD in obstetrics, gynecology, and endoscopic surgery and women
Arab Board (Arab Fellowship)
Infertility treatment - IVF and IVF from Rush Hospital
Chicago (United States)
Member of the ALSO Women's Emergency Medicine from Britain
Monitoring of colored fetal fetus and early detection of female gynecological diseases
You tube: rana mouakeh

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