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Nawras Medical Supplies Company

Name Nawras Medical Supplies Company
Phone 1 2331551 - 11
Phone 2 2331553/2331552 - 11
Phone 3 رقم المقسم : 2331112 - 11
Section For medical equipment
E-mail info@alnawrasmed.com
Web Site www.alnawrasmed.com
City Damascus
Adress 29 May Street - Russian Cultural Center - Bitar Building

  Nawras Medical Supplies


Al-Nawras Medical Supplies Company was established in 1990 and represents many international companies known for operating rooms, intensive care, maternity rooms, patient care, gas networks, respiratory systems, ambulance and emergency systems, physiotherapy equipment, rehabilitation and respiration apparatus, home of the family of patients and chairs and mattresses for the disabled ulcerations devices Alnbolaiser pressure, diabetes and night devices stop breathing and oxygen generators and medical belts and girdles of all types and stockings and rules Alkolstomi Wu Right births sleep (Alvesko) Baladavhaly a lot of other medical products ...

Our company is characterized by industry medical furniture for hospitals, health centers and equipping ambulances and health centers with the necessary hardware reliability and high quality.
The quality demonstrated in the long term.

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