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Orthonors Company

Name Orthonors Company
Phone 1 2331551 - 11
Phone 2 2331553/2331552 - 11
Phone 3 رقم المقسم : 2331112 - 11
Boss Mobile حمص:0944237796/ دمشق : 0992013000
Section For the manufacture of alternatives, ingredients, prostheses and prosthetic devices
E-mail دمشق:info@orthonawras.com / حمص:homs@orthonawras.com
Web Site www.orthonawras.com
City Damascus
Adress Damascus - 29th of May - Bitar Building Homs Center: El Ghouta - Red Crescent Hospital

 Orthonors Company

For the manufacture of alternatives, ingredients, prostheses and prosthetic devices

Orthonors is pleased to manufacture alternatives, prostheses, prostheses and orthodontic prostheses to develop its expertise and abilities in the service of people with physical disabilities. We rely on the service of the comprehensive rehabilitation principle, where the Orthonors team includes:

- Physician specializing in physical medicine and rehabilitation
- Industrial edge engineers
- Technicians, substitutes and prostheses
- Administrative
- Logistics Support Team

Our services include:

- Providing specialized medical medical advice to patients with amputated limbs or suffering from injuries resulting in functional disability
- Manufacture of alternatives, ingredients and prostheses
- Manufacturing orthopedic prostheses within the company's specialized laboratories, which contain the latest and best equipment ...
- Physical therapy, motor training and functional treatment according to the latest protocols adopted globally and based on scientific evidence and proof ...
We use the best materials and components from the world's leading companies in this field.

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