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Dr.Asem M .Rifai

Name Dr.Asem M .Rifai
Phone 1 4474543 - 11
Phone 2 5121761 - 11
Boss Mobile 09944394029
Mobile 2 المعاينة بموعد مسبق: 0937941338
Section Internal - Digestive
E-mail asem.refai@yahoo.com
City Damascus
Adress Farm - after Barada Sports Club - vs. Consumer Corporation

 Dr. Asim al-Rifai

Internal jurisdiction of - digestive - currently exist gastric Balaotocs operations
Liver and pancreas and gallbladder disease - the eradication of pebbles University Channel ERCP
Upper gastrointestinal endoscopy and lower - the eradication of foreign objects from the stomach and colon
Eco four-dimensional - hardener bleeding ulcers
Treatment of anal fistulas and hemorrhoids

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