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Cardio Medical Company CMC

Name Cardio Medical Company CMC
Boss Name Bashar Ahmed Al-Makari
Phone 1 00963112137990
Section Cardiac and peripheral substances
E-mail bacharmakari.cmc@gmail.com
Fax 00963112137880
Adress Damascus is valid

Heart Medical Equipment Limited

 Cardio Medical Company CMC

Bashar Ahmed Al-Makari

Cardiac and peripheral substances

Company profile:

Heart Medical Equipment Limited

The company was founded 17 years ago in 1998 in Damascus and is still active in the local market and is one of the leading companies in Syria with a scientific and commercial orientation.

It is a company whose aim is to provide the local Syrian market with the latest modern medical technologies in the field of cardiovascular treatment products,

The company is always keen to keep abreast of the latest developments, research and medical products through its participation in local, regional and international medical exhibitions and conferences, thus ensuring its advancement to other competitors in the local market.

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