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Plastic Surgery and Laser Center

Name Plastic Surgery and Laser Center
Boss Name Dr. Zahi Hamsho Beautician: allow
Phone 1 5622615 - 11
Boss Mobile 0991165726
Mobile 2 0988345732
Section Cosmetic and reconstructive surgery and burns and laser
City Rif Dimashq
Adress Jaramana - Green Square

 Plastic Surgery and Laser Center

Dr. Zahi Hamsho

Cosmetic and reconstructive surgery specialist burns and laser

Beautician: allow

Nose Beauty - Beauty face - pulling eyelids - tighten the belly - Diseases and Surgery

Beauty and the breast (enlarge - Decrease - tightening)

Enlarge the rear (grease injection - protease) - tighten thighs and buttocks -

Suction grease - injection Botox and fillers - Myothirabi - distortions

Congenital and acquired - sugary feet - hand surgery - hair transplantation - remove perspiration -

Degreasing process endoscopically - modern laser to remove pigmentation and poems -

Treat skin problems with the latest methods (laser - Crystal) Laser talk

To remove hairs and pigmentation and Alvdhir gestation and expansions vascular tight

 Chest and face

Hair loss treatment with the latest roads - tattoos eyebrows - Drawing on the body

- Feeding programs and lose weight - mixtures and peeling skin whitening and nutrition

Pulling face

Plastic Surgery and Laser Center  Gallery