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Dr. Nader Tawfik Abu good

Name Dr. Nader Tawfik Abu good
Phone 1 00963115623458
Boss Mobile 0955428508
Mobile 2 0930345517
Adress Jaramana - miniature swords - TOP Commercial Bank

 Dr. Nader Tawfik Abu good

Specialist general surgery and laparoscopic

All abdominal laparoscopic surgery operations - excess - diaphragmatic hernia

  Sore - spleen - adrenal - colon - saccules - obesity - surgery

Laparoscopic obesity - Collapse stomach - Cut stomach - stomach path converter - Convert

Twelve - Convert biliary ways - all types of inguinal hernias

Abdominal and general anesthesia or topical

The treatment of anal disease and hemorrhoids with special devices with or without surgery

Thyroid surgery - varicose veins - the diagnosis and treatment of breast diseases and surgery

Surgery diseases and tumors digestion, liver, pancreas and colon device

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