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United Company for Pharmaceutical Industries

Name United Company for Pharmaceutical Industries
Boss Name Dr. Iyad Shanan
Phone 1 00963113312618
Section Human drugs industry
E-mail E-mail :info@alliedpharma.net
Fax 00963113312041
Adress Damascus

  United Company for Pharmaceutical Industries

An overview of the United Company for Pharmaceutical Industries

The company was founded in 1987 based on the foundations of research and development in the implementation of the pharmaceutical industries

The company got the ISO9002 certificate by the company (SGS) SWISS in 2000, and in 2002 the company obtained the ISO9001: 2000 certification, which is the most important testimony to match the quality requirements for products with the scientific requirements,

There are also various certificates obtained them thanks to the great role of the company in supporting the economy and scientific research certificates.

In 2008 the company obtained the certificate of ISO 18001 and ISO14001

United for pharmaceutical products is divided into the following sections:

- Sterilizers and disinfectants such as "United povidone forms, United Hiczamaidin"

- Sterile gauze impregnated and effective rule such as "Phusitol gauze and gauze Streden"

- Asthma sprays measured dose MDI such as "United salbutamol, Baklolaad 50/100/200"

- Creams and ointments and sterile anti-inflammatory and analgesic skin for pain, such as "Phusitol cream and ointment, Fast Relax"

United for pharmaceutical products to high quality and covering the Syrian domestic market and some foreign markets.

Please visit www.alliedpharma.net

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