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Medico Labs

Name Medico Labs
Boss Name General Manager: d. Mohammed Nabil short
Phone 1 حمص : 00963314866853/2
Phone 2 دمشق : 00963114476217
Phone 3 دمشق : 00963112310031 / 00963112315252
P.o.box حمص : ص.ب : 384
Section Labs drugs
E-mail medicorad@gmail.com
Web Site www.medico.sy
Fax حمص : 00963314866854
Fax 2 دمشق : 00963114476218
Adress Factory :Homs - Damascus Old Rd . Damascus office : Al-bahsa , near French culture center

Medico labs was established by several pharmacists in July 1958 as a pharmaceutical production company in Homs (160 kms north of Damascus). During 1990-1995 the company steps widely in pharmaceutical production, so we can consider that period as the new medico birth. In the year 2000 the company moved to the new qualified and validated location with an area of 25000 m², 10 km away from Homs city on Damascus highway. Today, medico is well-equipped to face the challenges of 21st century due to the professionalism in its operation and commitment to its long term development objectives. Production areas comply with European GMP regulations from all phases of production starting from material receiving to processing and storing. We are proud for producing various pharmaceutical dosage forms using modern production lines, each line is supervised by a pharmacist and operated by qualified chemists and technicians.

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