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Global Pharmaceutical Industry - UNIPHARMA

Name Global Pharmaceutical Industry - UNIPHARMA
Phone 1 5032 - 11
Section Pharmaceutical Industries
Fax 6712507 - 11
City Damascus
Adress Syria - Damascus - Ocherqah Sahnaah

  Company Global Pharmaceutical Industries - UNIPHARMA

Established in 1990

UNIPHARMA is one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in Syria, where he represented many of the most important global companies

The number of employees ' to 1,500 thousand five hundred employees and is part of

Pharmaceutical group Matouk

Maatouk Group

Pharmaceutical group includes Matouk also in percentage of both side UNIPHARMA

Office of Scientific and Matouk , which was founded in 1966

And is representative of a group of global pharmaceutical companies

The number of employees to 300 delegates scientific

Matouk warehouses Pharmaceuticals , which was founded in 2005

Imports and distributes pharmaceutical products serving a global and per pharmacies in all Syrian governorates best

Levels of service in terms of Altansnnif and receipt and distribution


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