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Dr. Diala Hassan sugar

Name Dr. Diala Hassan sugar
Phone 1 3321762 - 11
Phone 2 3321682 - 11
Boss Mobile 0932222861
Mobile 2 0933212014
Section Dental treatment and beautifying
City Damascus
Adress Syria - Damascus _ Abu pomegranate - versus Mtgm Marroush

 Dr. Diala Hassan sugar

Removable veneers


Alvenir mobile teeth

Is a medical device made from a German cosmetic material coopolyster

Medical and dental cover to give an aesthetic appearance


1. manufacturer of flexible plastics material a German medical called coopolyster

2. white in color with the presence of several degrees of colors (such as Snow White - natural white - white Crown)

3. has a translucency light to give the appearance of teeth covered Balvn beautiful natural teeth

4. takes the form of the patient's teeth with high accuracy

5. amendment can be Alvenyir In the event of problems with the appearance of the teeth (as close spaces between teeth and missing teeth and adjust the teeth by reducing disparities lengths cutter)

6. lack of contact with the gums final with high accuracy in covering teeth

7. Only 0.2 mm thick so as not to hinder the Pronunciation and the emergence of the lip does not affect Dish teeth and therefore withholds lifting bite teeth and avoid any inconvenience to the patient

8. mechanical stability without the need for adhesives


1. quick change color and shape of the patient's teeth

2. to maintain the shape and structure of the teeth

3. Do not subject the teeth of chemicals to get the whiteness of teeth

4. economically cheaper price compared to all other methods of Chalking

5. protects teeth from pigmentation (tea, coffee and smoking)

6. Easy to use and jaw structure


1. Freedom to high temperatures

2. When you eat must be done with a fork and knife with chewing food on the back molar that do not have food and similar viscous Kalnmor

3. when you drink hot drinks like tea and coffee should wait about one minute to the end of the boiling point and then be drinking

Cleaning method:

Upon completion of the use of the evening should be cleaned with a brush and tooth paste Alvenyir from outside and inside, and washed with cold water and dried outdoors and then put inside the box allocated to it

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