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MCP Maleh Chemical Products..Maleh Care Products

Name MCP Maleh Chemical Products..Maleh Care Products
Phone 1 956272888 0 - 11
Section Chemical industry products and care products
E-mail Maleh986@gmail.com
Web Site www.mcp-health.com
City Damascus

  About salty chemical products 

We could be a reliable name during our years starting from the year 1986 until the present day and it is always our province because of the quality of our products and their effectiveness. 
Salty produces chemical products and salty care products, disinfectants for the human body and the competent Elimination of breakfast and germs, and lye oral and herbal preparations that eliminate lice and eggs without any side effects and herbal preparations restored and antiseptic for burns and wounds and other cosmetics Care. 
Salty also produces products for the chemical and salty care products, lotions and antiseptic cleaned surfaces and places (houses, restaurants, hospitals ....) and pots and other


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