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Faiha Damascus

Name Faiha Damascus
Phone 1 9593 - 11
Phone 2 8819593 - 11
Mobile 2 0940315000
Section Hospitals - Private
E-mail e-mail: info@alfayhaahospital.com
Web Site /www.alfayhaahospital.com
Fax 8826302 - 11
City Damascus
Adress Damascus - field - Behind Zine El Abidine Mosque

 About surgical hospital Faiha

Hospital was opened in 2012 - 1433 AH capacity of one hundred and thirty-four beds and have obtained first class, according to the classification and Ministry of Health.

The design and implementation specialists adopted all the technical specifications required for the degree of reliability accreditation required globally to have a leading role in the field of health services in terms of the construction style and movement inside and proficiency كسوته and mattresses, its facilities and medical services add to the crew human qualified doctors and nursing and administrative staff and a service.

Our goal is to be one of the advanced medical centers, which contribute to the health service of this country and socially through the construction of modern medical and Materials and كادره medical specialist.

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