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Mahayni talk

Name Mahayni talk
Phone 1 8833441 - 11
Phone 2 8833443 - 11
Section Hospitals - Private
City Damascus
Adress Field

 Contractor with all insurance companies

Mahayni modern hospital

About the hospital

Hospital Mahayni modern hospitals of the private sector in Syria outstanding . Location was chosen so that it covers hospital services, medical treatment of the capital Damascus and the southern region with the constant concern to provide the advanced level of medical treatment and the outstanding level of nursing and accommodation and seeking these services to be realized with international standards for medical work .

Of the most important features of the modern hospital Mahayni it attracted the highest caliber of doctors Syrians specialists from America , Europe, and provided them with the medical scientific manner to return home and work with the latest equipment according to international standards and business systems using digital electronic computer .


Sections hospital

 Department rays integrated (mri - msct - xray-echo.4d)

 Angiography without heart catheterization

 Sophisticated laboratory 24 hours

 Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology and Surgery

 Department of Children and incubators and phototherapy

 Department of the Interior and the Department of Intensive Care and Industrial College

 Department of cardiac surgery and endoscopic and cardiac catheterization

 Department of general surgery and laparoscopic and thoracic surgery and thoracoscopy

 Department of Neurosurgery and orthopedic endoscopic and microscopic

 Department of Surgery , ear, nose and throat surgery and endoscopic sinus and microscopic

 Department of Surgery and the kind of plastic surgery

 Outpatient department in all disciplines

Rooms set up patients

The patient rooms in the hospital Mahayni equipped with the latest modern amenities and entertainment and devices equipped with the finest medical surveillance 24 hours a day to provide constant care for the patient during his stay in the hospital as the hospital is unique in securing private suite and a fully equipped VIP (vip). In addition to the common rooms for surgery for one day .

Department of Emergency

In our hospital Mahayni modern ambulances and emergency department can receive from 5-6 Hattassaafah at once and supervised by specialized doctors holders of a degree of competence in emergency medicine .

Department of shear and digestive endoscopy

Hospital equipped with the latest device and upper gastrointestinal endoscopy of the most prestigious international companies as well as equipped with the latest device to hold gastrointestinal endoscopy of the biliary tree ercp

Department of Radiology

And featuring the latest equipment and materials in the Middle East and comprises the following main units :

 Magnetic resonance imaging mri)) and the magnetic resonance imaging unit to hold a large number of complex applications ranging from diagnostic imaging in routine clinical cases and even a full imaging device 1.5 Tesla

 Scan multi-slide 64 slide (msct) where you can this unit of cardiovascular imaging coronal Bodouhah high and short time as a substitute for a cardiac catheterization

 Unit ultrasound

 Gastrointestinal endoscopy unit upper and lower endoscopy roads bile (ercp)

Department of cardiac catheterization and cardiac surgery

The hospital is equipped with modern Mahayni Hall operations and wide to conduct heart surgery ( bypass heart - and open heart ) and supported this room with the latest equipment and advanced German section equipped with the latest device for cardiac catheterization in adults and children in the country

Department of surgeries

Hospital Mahayni includes 6 modern rooms surgeries sophisticated all disciplines

Obstetrics and gynecological surgery

General surgery and laparoscopic

Neurosurgery and microscopic

Orthopedic surgery and articular

Microscopic eye surgery

Cardiac surgery and laparoscopic

Catheter cardiac catheter device at the best of my heart at the level of the Middle East .

Department of Intensive Care


Believes this Division in hospital Mahayni talk faster special care for patients with conditions that require careful attention and under the supervision of a medical highly specialized by the best specialists and supervisors department equipped with the latest designs of the units of service to patients and respirators higher and the latest surveillance systems (monitoring)