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Mead functioning

Name Mead functioning
Phone 1 2312742 - 11
Section Management expenses of health insurance
E-mail info@medsyr.com
Web Site www.medsyr.com
Fax 2319857 - 11
City Damascus
Adress Syria - Damascus - Bahsa Nahas Building 4th Floor

 MEED Biographies of health expenditure

MedSyr is a Syrian company was founded in 2003 by experts in the health sector and in the insurance sector .

  MedSyr is the management company of a third party (TPA) mission is playing the role of mediator and consultant between the customer insured and the insurance company, and health care providers which is specialized management of medical services and health insurance where you manage relations between the company guarantors and secured on the one hand and between health care providers on the other hand .
          The company derives its strength from the experience of the management team , and extensive knowledge of the local market and health service providers and foreign insurance companies .

          In order to be distinct services , the company is collaborating with a group of insurance companies and international reinsurance and management companies with a global health services .


   It is the latest and best computer programs in this area

          Working on the latest technology and computer programs

        Speed ​​and accuracy in the implementation of the tasks

         Good reputation with reinsurers

         Specialist team intern

         Independence at work

       An extensive network of medical providers

          Holders of trust medical providers

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