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Safco SAFCO industry veterinary medicines

Name Safco SAFCO industry veterinary medicines
Phone 1 8838381 - 11
Phone 2 88282808 - 11
Phone 3 8883850 - 11
Boss Mobile 0993888810
P.o.box دمشق 11437
Section Veterinary drugs - industry
E-mail info@.savco.net
Web Site www.savco.net
City Damascus
Adress Zahera

 SAFCO of Veterinary Medicines


In the name of God the Merciful ...

SAFCO of Veterinary Medicines industrial enterprises for the manufacture of veterinary medicines founded on the vision to develop a significant pharmacological effect veterinarian in general and in the Arab region in particular, and by relying on scientific and research-based methodology .

Was the establishment in 1989 , where I begin production of five varieties of Almazidat forage and water and began to develop their medical products on the basis of a systematic , although these varieties of structures traditional materials effective but it has been subject to new research to be sure of the response conditions with concentrations , and adjusted if necessary, and to find forms pharmaceutical new for the same compositions but with a performance physiologist better than traditional forms , and may be complicated if the new compositions containing several phases with each physical balanced " as production vitamins are water emulsions " and other varieties in the form of complexes of pharmaceutical solutions , emulsions and suspensions .

The company has produced a number of other items that were thoroughly modern introduced through which materials effective new in the field of veterinary were not previously existed of course, after the confirmation of the validity of their use veterinarian by the Food and Drug Administration and by the World Health Organization , which has led to solving the problems facing the wealth Animal and dilemmas of veterinary medical were not studied adequately formerly of physiologically to these dilemmas addressed the causes before treating pathogens and symptoms of its presence in the animal was to be headed the company for livestock this new species , which has given added scientific and rich consisted products drug increased the profitability of the breeder and strengthened health animal.

The main factor in the success of the plan is excellence in every vocabulary work as adopted in the pharmaceutical industry pharmacological art scientific enough to give the right to the marked products in addition to high performance excellence in craftsmanship production.

The company tried to move away from the tradition of technical and marketing for that used in the manufacture of glass containers more to ensure the effectiveness of the active ingredients in the composition of the pharmaceutical and that keeps them from any effects of physical or chemical adversely affect the efficacy of the product , so that the excellence extended to the design of containers and packaging , as it can within to any veterinary pharmacy that distinguishes Safco products in the pharmacy with ease among the products of other companies even global ones .

That the company has become a haven veterinary specialists and researchers to cooperate with them in finding new solutions to the problems and dilemmas faced by livestock .

It is natural to point out that all the material used by the company as materials in the production of effective or help or Swageh materials are approved by the relevant international pharmaceutical use in human and veterinary .

It was to be the company's entry in the production of plant varieties veterinary adding over class Anti Coxadia effectively origin Vegan has been the research at the College of Veterinary Medicine in Hama and another variety vegetarian origin for the treatment and prevention of liver in animals from the effects of toxins , pharmaceuticals and pathogens .

The company resumed its review of each period to develop varieties produced when necessary so that the company always flying from one stage to the stage of stability positive movement in the march of production.


Of course not enough to achieve the vision is the only side productive for it to be added scientific development and the fact that the company's vision to develop reality drug had to be her contribution to the scientific development for the benefit of workers in the field of veterinary , where issued technical bulletins pharmaceutical specialized and detailed periodically distributed to veterinarians in order to be empowered medication in their daily work , especially as the company has produced varieties new quality need to support the scientific definition of the doctors on them, and the company tried through the license and the issuance of a scientific journal on behalf of the Journal of SAFCO scientific make in the hands of researchers channel publish the research where they have a skill in writing and explain their research scientific and experiences so they may add sophisticated and so they can likewise benefit specialists in this field, this new information in the Arab world , as well as it allows the researcher to the publisher of the magazine articles that recognize him veterinary sectors in the Arab world .

Note that the magazine produced by the company and distributed to the Arab world for free so that activities funded from productivity and scientifically supervised by a scientific body comprising the finest professors, specialists in the College of Veterinary Medicine in Hama .

Has produced scientific publications was the most important Atlas Anatomy Colorful disease of chickens , which included pictures of the most important conditions when the chicken in Syria and met with the atlas careful attention to scientific and technical to get him out in the best form and did benefit , as marked by images classification is clear and precise with reference to the positions discrimination diagnosis , and the most important thing distinguishes this atlas as a result of the experiences of Arab Syria is complete.

Through our approach we support scientific and finance the research and studies in several universities in the Arab world and for researchers and graduate students , in addition to the establishment of seminars and lectures in many places multiple .

Technically , the items produced cover a lot of categories pharmaceutical Kalmazidat forage and water such as vitamins and lifts immunity and triggers the production of milk and meat , and produce antimicrobial mono or in the form of posts pharmaceutical deliberate , has not gone unnoticed on the company never keep up with modern antibiotics that appear on the scene veterinary to be the first in production and marketing , in addition to preparations containing antifungal feed and water all posts successful , and items are also different kinds of large animal medicine and neurological drugs and anti- coccidiosis .

From the marketing company relies latest principles of marketing and the company is considered one of the pioneers in methods of advertising and marketing as adopted its marketing plan to respect the owners Educational Major to and utilization of physical and scientific products company where the plan was adopted selling include all the provinces and regions to cover the varieties of the company all the Syrian territories , as well as for the development of the Department of Services aftermarket in the farms.

Has extended the company's activity to do distributes its products directly to pharmacies veterinary in Syria through the warehouse drugs licensed as the warehouse Safco , and culminated in the marketing activity opened a veterinary laboratory for transplantation bacterial tests immune first pharmacy veterinary in Damascus as an experiment to stretch later with a series of pharmacies veterinary spread in the Syrian governorates , and integration between marketing and scientific method came to the company to do sponsored seminars and concerts graduation for students of veterinary medicine , where support from which the activities of the general development and sustainable development in addition to the company's eagerness to participate exhibitions specialized and quality in the Arab world to define specialists varieties the company and its activities .

Yes, the company is currently exporting kinds of both Yemen and Saudi Arabia , Jordan, Egypt , Iraq, Lebanon , in an attempt to provide technical services and academic scientific across brands to foreign countries , especially resulting from the company's research and studies in an effort by the company to increase the effectiveness of bio-security , and increase economic output of livestock and breeding in those countries.

The company has had great interest in the Egyptian market and to bone their livestock in addition to the presence of educators at all levels, from large corporations to individual level in livestock , and striking in the Egyptian market is having a masters of science veterinarian at the level of the Arab nation and this is a powerful motive to be present Bajthaddena scientific and Bosnavna our distinguished between these flags in the hands of veterinary science so that we can cooperate and evolve and develop .

Company seeks currently opening new markets for their products that increase today for 140 class and Medicinal Product veterinarian , and the company is cooperating with other companies , including Indian, Turkish , accounting for SAFCO these companies in more countries in the Middle East and adopt SAFCO in their markets some products company Ajantavarma Indian in the field of lotions midwife injectable products and Faber Turkish company in the field of disinfectants and sterilants .

The company also seeks permanently to the development of administrative and accounting and technical access permanently to correct data in all sections of the company , conferred by relying upon you to find the equations of management strategies and developmental pay the company for the movement direction of the developmental fear of stability at one point ... and this is what the company believes that retreat.

And culminates in the company's vision is the human dimension in all its aspects , so the dimension that was the spirit that drives and drives to work and ambition in the company.

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